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Parade in Manhanttan 1918

In 1917, David Hershkowitz started a printing company in the lower east side of New York City called Direct Press. It prospered as his son, Paul Sr. began to help make the well regarded local shop into a bigger company by taking care of customers one at a time.

When David's grandson, Paul Jr., returned from the Navy in the 60s he began at the bottom and worked his way up in the growing family business. He was an innovator and brought a new concept to the industry that was not heard of before: Full Service Printing.

Photographers, designers and production artist were introduced into the service mix, beginning before the revolution that the computer brought to the industry. Direct Press began offering a way to control every aspect of the printed piece and thereby improving the process.

Lower East Side- 1918

In the 80's, MegaColor was formed and evolved into a nationwide Company with studios all over the country. The Tradition continued with the great grandsons merging into the company after completing law school for one and a marketing degree for the other.

The Catalog Center brings all this tradition to the web along with a commitment to forward the action created by the digital revolution. Jac Bowers, MFA brought a digital background and teaching experience to the company in 2001 and began to help transform digital assets for the customers to alternative marketing solutions like eflip catalogs, Offshore printing and advertising specialties.

Today, the enterprise is committed to our Mission Statement:

Curriculum Vitae of Jack Bowers


1968 – 1979
1979 – 1984
1984 – 2005

Undergraduate work – Art Schools and Universities
San Francisco Art Institute, MFA
Post Graduate courses at SFAI, SF Art Academy


1982 – 1984
1985 – 2004
1986 – 1987

San Francisco Art Institute, Teaching Assistants
San Francisco Boys and Girls Club
UC Berkeley Extension – Continuing Education


1991 – 1992
1993 – 1996
1997 – 1998
1998 - 2003
2003 – 2010
2010 – Present

Pinnacle Publishing Services - Owner
Rapid Laser Graphics – Account Executive
Linotext – Senior Account Executive
Global Imprints – Founder
Megacolor – Senior Account Executive
The Catalog Center – Founder

Community Activity

1992 – 2005

1996 – 2005
2010 – Present
2013 – Present

SFAI Board of Trustees – Founding Member, Committee of Digital Media Department – Alumni Association President – Art Council member
Printing Industries of Northern California – member, volunteer
Fallbrook Arts Inc. – Art in Public Places committee member
GCalifornia Sculpture Academy – Member